Simon Taffler PCH RSHom FSHom



My mission is to help those who want to make distinctive, substantial

and lasting improvements to their health and wellbeing.


I don’t judge thoughts or behaviour, nor do I label symptoms – I focus on the person with the illness not the illness with a person attached. I aim to identify causes and then support change in the individual and their family by developing strategies that deal with the issues.


My perspective is holistic

My method of treatment is primarily homeopathic.


I have over 30 years of very broad clinical experience mainly in the

UK and across the USA, with additional trauma experience in Israel,

Paraguay and Sri Lanka. Today I work from my practice in central London.


I integrate my education in homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition,

bodywork and craniosacral therapy into a practical holistic homeopathic framework. I always recommend an individualised approach to healthcare, and am very experienced in using homeopathy as a complementary therapy when working with patients who are also taking conventional medicine.


I lecture and teach worldwide and was awarded a Fellowship of the

Society of Homeopaths in 2013. I have also been appointed

Chairman of the Homeopathy Action Trust, raising awareness

of the benefits of Homeopathy.


I have a love/hate relationship with Triathlons and I never refuse dark chocolate, a good gluten-free trifle or a walk with my dog Noodle!